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Pioneer Productions selects 3D Panasonic workflow

23 November 2012
Pioneer Productions selects 3D Panasonic workflow

For extreme weather film Storm City, UK-based Pioneer Productions armed itself with an extensive range of 3D formats. Whilst Pioneer were using a traditional mirror rig setup for acquiring 3D images they had also opted to support the main unit with the shoulder mounted Panasonic AG-3DP1, AG-3DA1 camera recorders plus the more recently launched compact HDCZ10000 camera for its 3D close-up capability. The Panasonic kit proved to work faultlessly in the very harshest environments with consistent reliability in temperatures down to minus 35 degrees Celsius. “There were several new factors in utilising the onboard convergence tools and finding optimal distances to maintain the broadcaster legal limits which became very instinctive,” said Freelance cameraman Laurie Rose. The more I used the AG-3DP1, the more the process became intuitive. “In 2D a camera operator would usually provide thirty to forty coverage shots that the editor can chose from. In 3D interest can be built into even the most ordinary shot; therefore fewer shots were needed to fill a sequence.”

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