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Piksel powers Western Athletic Conference

16 December 2014
Piksel powers Western Athletic Conference

Piksel has helped to design and implement the solution behind the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Digital Network. In partnership with VISTA Worldlink, Piksel has deployed its Digital Stadium solution to deliver the WAC’s live and archived sports coverage to fans across the world using online video.

Piksel Digital Stadium allows the WAC to expand the amount of men’s and women’s sporting events available for broadcast, and is expected to increase audience size over time for the WAC. The solution also provides tools for the WAC to manage its games content.

“It has always been one of our goals to showcase the talents of our student athletes across different sports, and with the Digital Network we can now bring our fans closer to their favourite sports, beyond the physical arena,” commented WAC commissioner Jeff Hurd. “We are reaching new levels of exposure and giving fans the best possible experience with high quality broadcasting on a global scale.”

As the basis of the WAC Digital Network, Piksel Digital Stadium allows people to access both live and on-demand content from WAC and its eight member institutions through all internet-connected devices ranging from computers and mobile apps to ROKU channels.

The service works by first feeding WAC content to VISTA Worldlink via direct IP transport. The content is then ingested by the Piksel Video Platform, which manages and publishes hundreds of events and videos.

Kevin Joyce, chief commercial officer at Piksel said, “At Piksel we specialise in helping non-media companies understand how they can enhance their business through the launch of online video services. Our work with the WAC illustrates our ability to combine our strategic knowledge with first-rate technology and managed services. We have helped roll out a service with strong growth potential and that connects sports fans with the content they care about.”

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