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Photon Beard arrives with new light panel

3 April 2013
Photon Beard arrives with new light panel

Photon Beard has launched Square One, a new one-foot square fluorescent lighting panel, which the manufacturer claims produces more light, more economically, than any other 1¹x1¹ fixture in the marketplace. The one-foot-square panel includes eight 5/8-inch diameter fluorescent tubes that deliver optimum, broadcast-quality illumination with predictable colour results and fewer spikes and spectral variations typically associated with similarly sized LED-based fixtures. Square One uses the familiar Osram daylight or tungsten-balanced phosphors that are the current standard in television studios around the world. The difference is that at only 64W, Square One delivers a level of balanced illumination at three meters that fixtures pulling 100W struggle to achieve. According to Photon Beard managing director Peter Daffarn, “Square One’s consistent, high-quality light, portability and low-heat benefits are ideal for both broadcast and film, either for on-the-fly pieces to camera or in relatively confined spaces like, for example, a vehicle. With the increasing popularity of ever-smaller cameras to access new angles for drama, news and sport, this lighting fixture squares the circle.” Square One is also dimmable and can be powered either direct from AC power or for approximately one hour with a V¹ mount camera battery. Photon Beard is also featuring a broad selection of lighting solutions from its complete range. C11432

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