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Phoenix resurrects ageing robotics

16 July 2010
Phoenix resurrects ageing robotics

Shotoku Broadcast Systems has announced a new Ethernet control system that can be added to ageing third-party remote camera systems, as well as controller updates.

The Phoenix DigiPort is a small module that can be fitted to a legacy pan and tilt head so that it can be controlled via a cheap, flexible TCP/IP network rather than older RS-422 communications. The DigiPort provides protocol and physical connection conversion within a small, self-contained box and is compatible with all Shotoku control systems. It can be used with numerous legacy heads.

Shotoku is also updating its controllers. The TR-T Touch Control System now comes in a 16:9 widescreen configuration for use in HD studios (it integrates with most HD/SDI routers). It can control both Shotoku and third party robotic cameras and uses seamless glass Acoustic Pulse touch screen technology to provide accuracy and durability over years of intensive use without recalibrating. Further enhancements include a completely configurable screen layout supporting 16 cameras controllable by a single operator position and displayed in any configuration.

Shotoku’s latest control panel, the TR-HP, offers high-precision joystick control from a compact unit. It is intended for cost-effective, single-operator productions where stored camera positions may be recalled automatically and a multi-tasking operator can achieve final on-air framing. Features include: a three-axis joystick and rotary control knob for control of pan, tilt, zoom and focus; up to 12 assignable, LED-illuminated keys; and an Auto On-Air function that ensures the panel is always in control of the on-air camera. Three Hot Panels fit in a 19-inch frame for control of multiple cameras.

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