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Pharos & XenData speed up data transfer

22 February 2007

Time to mark your card early for NAB, with Pharos Communications announcing a new development in digital archive management that greatly accelerates the speed of data-intensive video file distribution. Working in partnership with Cambridge-based software-developer XenData, Pharos plans to implement advances in multiple server addressing as part of its Mediator media asset management system, writes Fergal Ringrose.

“Tape-based data archives have hitherto been regarded as offline or, at best, near-online devices,” commented Pharos Communications’ Technical Director, Spencer Rodd. “This initiative with XenData enables us to offer very high bandwidth bi-directional data transfer between Mediator’s disc servers and third-party data tape archives. We are currently implementing a large system using three super-fast disc servers addressing a total of 12 archive tape drives for a major UK broadcaster. XenData’s software allows Mediator to view the 12 tape drives as a single virtual drive of extremely high capacity without the traffic bottleneck that would result from serial data flow.”

“Over 30 broadcasters worldwide are currently using XenData software in single-server digital video archive systems,” adds Xendata’s CEO, Phil Storey. “We deploy a standard system interface which makes a tape library look and behave like a standard computer drive for FTP or Windows networking, providing rapid tape access and automatic tape replication. Our new MX Edition software extends this to control multiple servers. As the industry leader in high-efficiency asset management systems, Pharos Communications is a natural partner in this technology which greatly increases the versatility and productivity of file-based broadcast networks.”

The results of the technical partnership between Pharos and XenData will be introduced by both companies on their respective booths at NAB2007.

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