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Phabrix to spotlight Rx2000 success at BVE

1 February 2012
Phabrix to spotlight Rx2000 success at BVE

Paul Nicholls, Phabrix’s head of sales and marketing, says that interest in the new modular Rx rackmount products has been ‘outstanding’, with demand ‘literally outstripping production’.

The company recently announced the sale of 27 of the Rx rack-mount instruments in the UK. The major new product suite was initiated last year with the introduction of the Rx2000 modular T&M instrument.

Paul Nicholls from Phabrix commented: “The interest in our new modular Phabrix Rx rackmount products has been outstanding and now with full production in place, demand is literally outstripping production. Our major focus is the release of the second stage of our developments on the Phabrix Rx platform, including the groundbreaking rasterizers with full SDI and HDMI layered instrumentation at 1920 x 1080 output. As concerns over investment costs become polarised, the value proposition and the technological innovation these products represent is outstanding.”

As well as the Rx, BVE will also find Phabrix showcasing a full suite of modular cards, including multiple analyser and generator cards, as well as the latest eye and jitter technology.

Portable test and measurement solutions from the Sx range will also be on display. Designed from the ground up as a dedicated solution for handheld operation, the instruments benefit from technologies said to be more akin to mobile phone technology. The units have a low power usage at only 9W, allowing the internal lithium polymer battery to provide 2-3 hours of life before recharge. Each tool has a specific dedicated screen which is clearly presented and designed for fast fault-finding ‘on the go’. A sophisticated full generator capable of more than 47 test patterns, including moving zone plate, form part of a combined toolset that includes full analysis, logging and monitoring.

Phabrix will also highlight ‘another world first’ evident across the product range: a dedicated Dolby closed loop testing solution allowing engineers to both generate Dolby streams and analyse them. One of the unique features of the new option is the ability to change the metadata in the program configuration. This also allows an engineer to introduce a measured known Dolby source when fault-finding compared to the signal under test.


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