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PHABRIX’s Rx range takes off for NAB

10 March 2014
PHABRIX’s Rx range takes off for NAB

At NAB next month PHABRIX will launch its V9 software for its Rx rack mount rasteriser series. The Rx features an inbuilt screen, modular cards, SDI and HDMI output, remote control via TCP/IP, low power and a slim design.

The range includes the Rx2000 with two video/instrument inbuilt screens and the Rx1000 and Rx500 with OLED control screens. Each have a rasterised output, to an output monitor of either HDMI or SDI. The Rx can display eight channels and four simultaneously, that can be connected either by SDI or optical via an SFP cage in each module.

The provision of an inbuilt OLED display on the Rx1000 and Rx500 means that the rasteriser can be set up without having a screen attached. The configuration of instruments can be set and saved into one of 99 presets. The user can then choose video tools, audio tools or a customised view of 16 instruments from any channel.

The Rx range can support multiple instruments simultaneously. Connected to a monitor capable of 1920×1080 pixel display, any of the instruments can be selected and arranged in basic Quads all the way up to sixteenths providing a multi-viewer of instruments.

Other new features include the addition of four physical layer modules, meaning four simultaneous eye patterns can be displayed. Closed caption support is addressed, with the Rx able to display two windows of CC, ie 608 next to 708 for checking along with OP47. The Rx also includes new audio tools. Lissajous, 16 channel audio meters, Full Dolby decode and loudness have been added for NAB.


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