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PHABRIX RX at the ready

17 January 2013
PHABRIX RX at the ready

Test and measurement specialist PHABRIX will be showing some of its latest technology. The company’s new Rx technology provides a solution for a range of applications including OB, broadcast engineering bays and as a test and measurement platform for broadcast manufacturers. The Rx2000 rack mount finds ready traction in the tailgate of an outside broadcast truck with an HDMI or SDI feed from the unit into the interior of the van to provide a multiviewer of instruments for shading applications. The technology can provide a dedicated generator and analyser including physical layer analysis on the dual screen chassis in the tailgate during set up from any of the inputs fed to the chassis. Once the operation becomes live then the HDMI or SDI output from the Rx2000 can be set inside the truck and depending on how many channels are required, up to eight simultaneous SDI or optical feeds can be monitored. Should there be a requirement for a dedicated test and measurement instrument in the tailgate again, the engineer can ‘borrow’ a channel for specific control from the front TFT panel of the Rx2000 and then release it back to the internal HDMI or SDI monitor when completed. The front panel when not in use can be set to monitor the HDMI or SDI output The range also provides two rasterizers, the Rx1000 2U full width rack mount and the half rack demi Rx500. The Rx1000 can be fitted with analyser/generator modules to support eight simultaneous channels whereas the Rx500 accepts two modules providing a maximum of four. Both rasterizers have a built in screen to allow ready selection of presets and to allow ease of set up without the need for a monitor. All the Rx’s have an internal web server so they can be selected on any open network using their set IP address. The units can also be upgraded using this feature.H43

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