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PHABRIX preparing for winter

22 January 2014
PHABRIX preparing for winter

UK-based PHABRIX has been chosen to supply 30 of its SxE units for the year’s biggest winter sports event. The handheld test and measurement instruments will be used in every sports arena during the competition as events are streamed live to viewers next month.

“We’re really excited to be involved in this event which will be broadcast to billions of television viewers across the world,” said Paul Nicholls, sales and marketing director, PHABRIX. “PHABRIX’s portable handheld SxE instrument provides a cost effective, quality test and measurement product they can rely on, with over 4000 Sx’s in daily use.”

He added: “With a combined generator, analyser and monitoring toolset, complete with physical layer analysis, the SxE offers engineers an easily carried instrument packed with tools to check broadcast infrastructure. We wish everyone, especially the engineers, all the best at this great event.”

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