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Phabrix launches SxD

18 February 2010

The new Phabrix SxD dual link is a multiformat combined generator, analyser and monitor designed for post, studio, camera and projector test and measurement.

With over 350 different combinations of formats, a first for a portable device, the SxD offers a single testing and analysis instrument for a range of applications. Broadcast manufacturers will find the additional support for 3G Level B particularly valuable as the debate increases as whether to use 3G level A or B in studio infrastructure.

The Phabrix SxD supports SMPTE 425-A and SMPTE 425-B along with the new SMPTE 372M format allowing engineers to test for bitrates of 2.970Gbps, and 2.970/1.001Gbps over two wires able to carry 1080p video. Two input and two output BNCs on the instrument support dual link testing for video along with support for 16 channels of embedded audio. The Phabrix SxD can be easily set for different colour spaces including 4:2:2 YUV, 4:4:4 RGB, and 4:4:4 YUV at 10/12-bit.

Paul Nicholls, Phabrix’s sales and marketing manager commented: “The Phabrix SxD is the first handheld platform to offer such a complete variety of testing formats including dual link formats. The ergonomics of the instrument are such that many combinations of standards can be easily generated and analysed. Customers have welcomed the SxD’s ability to generate from two outputs simultaneously for a variety of applications as varied as studio work and camera testing to support for 3D projection.”

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