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Phabrix displays industry first 12Gbps eye

15 September 2014
Phabrix displays industry first 12Gbps eye

Phabrix has announced the technology to enable 12Gbps eye and jitter analysis on its Rx modular rack mount series. The company believes this to be an industry first on technology capable of offering solutions for all 4K and UHDTV1 formats on a dedicated platform built on the toolsets already in use for mainstream test and measurement.

Paul Nicholls, sales and marketing director of Phabrix commented, “Whereas there have been a lot of announcement about 4K, there is still largely a misunderstanding of the many formats and colour spaces associated with these new higher resolution and higher frame rate formats. By demonstrating the 12Gbps eye capability and displaying the board created as one of the modules available for the Rx chassis, we have announced to the broadcast industry that we not only have an upgrade path for our technology and existing users, but also a clear understanding and roadmap for the Phabrix Rx series.”

Phillip Adams, founder of Phabrix added, “We are working with leading edge technology not yet commercially available to the market hence our decision to release at NAB 2015. There are serious limitations with current 4K and UHDTV product offerings. What we are demonstrating offers a complete solution supporting 4x 12Gbps SDI (48Gbps) and optical interconnects based upon next generation FPGA technology. Cutting through the confusion is what we have always strived to do at Phabrix.”

Phabrix intends to provide product for release at NAB 2015.

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