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Personalised ads ‘prompt action’ from viewers

1 August 2016
Personalised ads ‘prompt action’ from viewers

Seventy eight per cent of live online TV viewers are more likely to take notice if ads are targeted and relevant to them personally, according to Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) specialist Yospace.

The ads will generally ‘prompt positive action’ from audiences, Yospace found, finding that 55 per cent would be very likely or likely to look online for a product from targeted ads, with and 78 per cent looking in store.

The research, which was gathered from 2001 consumers from across the UK, showed that the demand for personalised advertising is being driven by millennials. Four in five 16-34 year olds said they would take follow up action in response to personalised advertising.

Almost two thirds of respondents (64 per cent) said they were likely, to some degree, to click on an advert they like online, with the highest percentage in the 16-34 year age bracket (average 76 per cent).

Tim Sewell, CEO, Yospace, said, “The results send a strong message to broadcasters that personalised advertising is certainly one of the most effective tools to enhance broadcaster/viewer relationships.

“Live streaming is evolving and many forward thinking broadcasters are already using DAI to deliver targeted and personalised promotions to their viewers.

“Audiences can now be presented with ads that are customised according to their unique user profile and broadcasters can monetise the live stream to boost their digital revenues.”

The research also investigated consumer reaction to technical issues with adverts on live OTT channels. It found that 25 per cent would consider switching channel, and 19 per cent would ‘think less of’ the broadcaster.

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