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PerceptionTV and Abox42 offer complete solution

1 June 2016
ABOX42 PerceptionTV

PerceptionTV and Abox42 have partnered to deliver a complete IPTV/OTT hardware and software solution.

The Perception platform, pre-integrated into Abox42’s M Series smart set-top box platform, is designed to offer operators a fast track solution for launching multiscreen services.

According to the companies, their combined services deliver a complete IPTV/OTT multiscreen TV service integrating the four key components of TV: live TV; catch-up TV; VoD and cloud-based or physical PVR, into one ‘intuitive’ user-interface.

Matthias Greve, CEO of Abox42, said, “For us it is a great step to partner with PerceptionTV, since they are a recognised player in the multiscreen market with vast experience in delivering complete and exciting propositions to operators.

“The combination of Abox42’s set-top-box platform delivering a feature rich, future-proof and secure solution to the first screen, along with Perception’s ability to seamlessly integrate the wireless devices, provides operators with exactly what they need.”

The partnership aims to allow both established TV providers and start-up businesses to launch a branded service within a few months.

John Mills, CEO of PerceptionTV, added, “TV is changing. People want to watch programmes and video anywhere, anytime so operators need to be agile enough to deliver this dynamic TV experience.

“This partnership ticks all the boxes for the user and adds enormous value to the operator.”

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