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Peli launches 9440 RALS

11 October 2010
Peli launches 9440 RALS

Peli Products has rolled out its new 9440 Remote Area Lighting System, billed as an incredibly bright and extremely portable area light.

The 9440 RALS uses ten latest technology LEDs offering a beam spread of 120º so that it can effectively light a large area. It offers two brightness settings that shine 2,400 lumens for three hours or at 1,200 lumens for six hours.

The light is powered by a new, maintenance-free, nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery, which runs silent and needs no power cord to eliminate trip-hazards.

It can be set up in seconds thanks to a streamlined, self-deploying tripod. Collapsed it becomes its own carrying case, with a nylon shoulder strap, and weighs 7kg. It has a telescoping light tower that extends more than 2m and the light array can articulate 90º. It is available in either yellow or black.

Peli recently launched what it claims is the the largest protector case you can buy, the huge new 0550 Transport Case, offering more than 325 litres of usable storage space. But what if you are trying to find something in it in the dark? Peil has also launched its first torch, the compact MityLite 1965Z0 LED, which shines 21 lumens peak beam intensity. It is powered by two AAA batteries offering more than four hours of usable light.

Its "incredibly tough polymer construction" "will stand up to just about anything" and has a water, gas and dust resistant o-ring seal. It weighs 54g (with batteries) and features an integrated polymer pocket clip. It is also covered by Peli’s unconditional Guarantee: “You break it, we replace it… forever”.

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