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PBS UK launches with Red Bee Media

5 October 2011
PBS UK launches with Red Bee Media

The new PBS UK channel, which goes on air on 1 November, has signed a long-term deal with Red Bee Media for a range of broadcast services, writes David Fox.

Red Bee Media will provide media management, playout and continuity services for the channel, which will be available initially in nearly 10 million homes in the UK via the Sky Digital platform. Carriage negotiations are continuing with Virgin Media.

The media management company will also provide EPG listings services to PBS and will write and produce programme information, provided to the Sky platform, including series linking throughout the schedule. Additionally, an EPG data feed will deliver the TV listings for publication on the PBS UK website, which will also launch in November.

“In the States, PBS is loved and trusted for its high-quality output, so it was essential for us to select a company capable of delivering this level across playout, listings and continuity to support our UK channel launch on 1st November," said PBS UK General Manager, Richard Kingsbury.

“This deal really demonstrates our ability to deliver first-rate, innovative media solutions that continually evolve to meet our partners’ needs. We look forward to extending and developing our relationship further to ensure that PBS remains at the very forefront of the UK’s multichannel world," added Red Bee CEO, Bill Patrizio (pictured).

PBS is the US public service broadcaster and reaches 124 million Americans through TV and 20 million people online each month.

PBS UK will make PBS’ offering of award-winning science, history and current affairs programming (including a lot of archive material) available to British viewers for the first time.

The channel will feature a broad programming output reflecting that of its US counterpart, such as the science series Nova, the history strand, American Experience, and its Frontline documentaries. Launch night highlights include the UK television premiere of Prohibition, the latest four part series by Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns; and Special When Lit, a look at the history of pinball.


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