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Paralympics broadcast beyond TV

6 September 2012
Paralympics broadcast beyond TV

The International Paralympic Committee used AJA technology to help broadcast an estimated 700 hours of coverage of the 2012 Paralympic games online. Twelve AJA Ki Pro Racks with assorted KiStor Drive module sizes, several Mini-Converters, two Io HDs, a Kona card, two Kumos and a Kumo CP were used to record, edit and broadcast multiple feeds from the Olympic Broadcast Service (OBS) on six channels and six video streams on ParalympicSportTV. “Increasing visibility for the Paralympic games is a huge priority for us. We know a large number of people are interested in the games, but aren’t able to watch them on TV,” said Jochen Farber, independent broadcast consultant, IPC.
 “Using a range of AJA gear, from the Ki Pro Rack to Mini-Converters, KUMO routers and more, we’re able to broadcast the Paralympics to a much wider audience,” Farber added. AJA Ki Pro Racks were used to record, transfer and archive 10 OBS Paralympic feeds from various sporting venues to its video server, as Apple ProRes 422.
 Using AJA Mini-Converters, the IPC team gathered signals for mixing in the master control and removed the incoming international audio to replace it with new commentary, mix it and then re-embed it to add mixed sound to two of its channels. Farber added, “The development they’ve done with vendors like Apple, Avid, Adobe and the quality of their ProRes encoding gives us the highest quality footage possible, as well as the flexibility to reuse and edit material again in the future.” – Carolyn Giardina7.F11

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