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Paradise VFX launches HELIOS rig

24 October 2011
Paradise VFX launches HELIOS rig

Paradise VFX has launched HELIOS, a wireless 3D stereo rig for handheld, Steadicam and studio applications.

It is currently designed for use with Red Epic cameras, with future support for ARRI Alexa M and Sony F3s. It is offered with a range of matched lens pairs, including ARRI Ultra Primes and Angenieux compact zooms.
 To boost post production workflow, HELIOS can be deployed with Paradise FX’s Mercury metadata capture system. Files, timecodes, associated lens and 3D stereo information, such as interaxial and convergence metadata, can be offloaded for post or VFX. In addition, camera moves can be played back on-set in the same way as a motion control system. 
 Its self-balancing design means that interaxial convergence controls move out from the center of the rig, preventing a weight shift from affecting the Steadicam operator’s performance.
 Using Preston G4 wireless controls, HELIOS’ interaxial range can be adjusted from zero- to two-inches, and convergence from 10-inches to infinity. It measures 18.5”(H) x 18.5”(L) x 8.5”(W), with a mirror box width of 15-inches. The rig is manufactured from lightweight magnesium and aluminium alloy and weighs 18lb or 42lbs in Steadicam mode; 47lbs in handheld mode; and 53lb in full studio mode. 
 Paradise VFX also provides an on-location Digital Lab facility for fast dailies review, archiving and post adjustment of 3D footage.
 “HELIOS meets head-on the demand for more versatile, cost-effective 3D stereo capture,” said Paradise FX co-founder and CTO, Max Penner. “It can be quickly deployed for different shooting modes, and supports highly-efficient capture-to-post workflows. By bringing the crewing requirement into line with traditional 2D, HELIOS provides a dramatic impact on the producer’s budget too”
 Cinematographer Sam McCurdy BSC commented: “With HELIOS, Paradise FX has developed a system that gives me the ability to easily jump from Steadicam to crane to dolly with one rig. Its rigid, stable build has given me more freedom than ever when shooting 3D stereo. I don’t know of any other rig that performs as well as HELIOS in the constantly demanding environment we shoot in today." 

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