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Panavision releases iPhone app

5 April 2010
Panavision releases iPhone app

Panavision has launched Panascout, the first location scout application for the iPhone. Not only does it look extremely useful, but it’s also available from the iTunes store for a mere £5.99.

“We are pleased to offer filmmakers a unique and cost-effective application that supports the specific needs of users within our industry,” said John Buccola, chief information officer, Panavision Inc. “Leveraging the capabilities of the iPhone, with Panavision’s years of service in the film industry, has resulted in a fantastic new tool for production.”

Panascout for iPhone simulates the cinematographer’s viewpoint from a professional cinema camera. The intuitive workflow allows filmmakers to capture the cinematic qualities of any location and record the true metadata including GPS, compass heading, date/time, voice notes and a sunrise/sunset readout for your present location. Photos can be framed in true widescreen 2.40 (anamorphic), 1.85 (Super 35mm), 1.78 (16×9 HD) and 1.33 (4×3) aspect ratios with Panaframe.

Panascout allows users to upload directly to Final Cut with Final Cut Server, MobileMe, SmugMug or e-mail directly to colleagues. Users can also find Panavision suppliers anywhere in the world, purchase Panavision apparel through the Panastore, review the complete Panavision equipment reference library in the technical centre, or visit the online screening room in the media centre.

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