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Panavision invests in ARRI ALEXAS with help from Fineline Media Finance

5 September 2013
Panavision invests in ARRI ALEXAS with help from Fineline Media Finance

Panavision has recently made a £1.5 million investment in ARRI ALEXA cameras and upgrade packs, with finance from Fineline Media Finance. Panavision chose the new XT models which include the built-in Codex recorder as standard, as well as upgrading its existing 4:3 ARRI ALEXA cameras with the new XR Upgrade pack. The purchase also included two sets of ARRI Master Prime lenses and Preston Lens Control Systems.

Jeff Allen, managing director, Panavision, said, “We have worked with Fineline many times over the years and have always been happy with their services. They understand the industry and our requirements and always do their best to meet our delivery needs.”

All ALEXA XT cameras come with the new XR Module, a side panel that was co-developed with Codex that replaces the previous SxS Module.  It allows in-camera ARRIRAW recording up to 120fps onto 512 GB XR Capture Drives.

 “We think the more compact form factor of the internal XR module over the external on-board Codex recorder and the fast data rates of the revised Codex XR capture drives make this an even simpler system to use on-set for the assistant,” added Allen. “Raw allows all the detail to be captured, giving greater flexibility in post. Add the new internal ND filters and so on, and this amounts to a sensible development and upgrade path.”

Gareth Wilding, sales and marketing director, Fineline Media Finance (pictured), commented, “We have developed a very good working relationship with Panavision over many years. Our understanding of their business needs and the latest technology enables us to tailor finance packages that work for them.”

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