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Panasonic’s wireless logging system

4 May 2011
Panasonic’s wireless logging system

Panasonic’s new wireless system for its P2 HD cameras could be used by a producer, logger or editor to tag clips using an iPad, iPhone or PC and accelerate the editing process, writes Adrian Pennington.
Comprised of the AJ-WM30 wireless module and AJ-SFU3100 software fitted to Panasonic’s AJ-HPX3100 P2 HD camcorder, the wireless system simplifies the process of using user-selected metadata.
“The unit could send proxies of video to an iPad, PC or even a smartphone over a wireless local area network to allow operators to instantly mark critical points of action during a game such as goal mouth incidents or red cards,” explained Adrian Clark, Panasonic’s general manager for the UK and Ireland. “The operator can add notes and tag clips and view camera status such as recording, format, remaining battery, tally and so on so that when a highlights package needs building in an edit this metadata can be used to quickly find appropriate video and get the package up and running.”
Featuring three 2/3 type 2.2 million pixel sensors, the HPX3100 acquires HD imaging with 10-bit sampling using the AVC-Intra codec.
The AJ-WM30 module and AJ-SFU3100 software key are both available now, costing €130 and €1,300 respectively.

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