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Panasonic introduces new LCD video monitor

4 April 2012
Panasonic introduces new LCD video monitor

Part of the ‘LH’ series designed for use by the broadcast and production industry, the BT-LH1850 469.9 mm (18.5 inch) LCD video monitor achieves faithful colour reproduction at both low and high luminance levels. The monitor offers a number of broadcast-based features including Y/R/G/B WFM, a SDI CC (closed caption) display and a RS-485 serial remote. As part of the monitor’s power-saving design, the BT-LH1850 consumes 22W (at DC input), which translates to a 54% reduction on the conventional model (BT-LH1710, launched in 2008 consuming 48W). The monitor also uses a mercury free LED backlight, making it environmentally viable. When the luminance level on the LCD display falls, the colour space narrows. At the same time, the colour phase shifts causing colours to drift. The LH series compensates for low luminance situations by making colour adjustments using a ‘3D-LUT’ (look-up table) for each RGB colour and applying 10 bits image processing. In this way, low luminance issues are eliminated and true colour reproduction is achieved. As well as a waveform monitor, a vector scope allows the user to select RGB signals. Markers can be displayed for 4:3 and 16:9 modes and a crosshatch function displays a grid on a panel screen, allowing horizontal and vertical checks. The monitor offers seven aspect markers in all including 4:3, 13:9, 14:9, CNSCO 2.39, CNSCO 2.35, 2:1, and VISTA when in 16:9 mode. In addition, the BT-LH1850 features the ‘pixel to pixel’ function, which displays inputted video without any resizing, and a ‘still frame display’ function that can freeze a frame and display it as a sub-screen. By supporting the EIA-708 HD SDI closed captioning standard, the monitor can display up to eight windows simultaneously. The new monitor features video input and remote terminals for performance and operability when in a system configuration. The HD/SD automatic select function, two SDI inputs (SDI1/SDI2) supporting embedded audio, and a HDMI (Type A) input are standard. A wide variety of digital HD products, such as a DVD player can be connected and a DVI-I digital and analogue compatible interface is also available for connection to a PC or non-linear-editing system. In addition to a GPI terminal and a RS-232C terminal, the monitor comes equipped with a RS-485 terminal. A tilt stand as well as stereo and speaker outputs come as standard and all front panel operations other than POWER switch, MENU operation and volume control can also be disabled by a KEY lock function.

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