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Panasonic has heads in the cloud

15 September 2013
Panasonic has heads in the cloud

Panasonic is developing a new cloud ENG system to make it simpler to preview images, add metadata and eventually stream live news.

“Our vision is that all of our products are cloud capable and can support IP,” said Stephen Yeo, marketing director, PSCE. Indeed, Panasonic recently bought CameraManager, a Dutch company specialising in cloud-based surveillance systems with more than 40,000 cameras installed across Europe.

“We are developing the backend and workflow to get the content back to base quickly and cost effectively,” explained Rob Tarrant, European product manager, Broadcast and Pro AV. Panasonic already works with various uplink manufacturers, such as LiveU, to integrate these systems into the viewfinder, but its two new camcorders can also use a single SIM card to connect to the cloud.

“Part of the reason broadcasters aren’t using metadata is that cameramen don’t have time to do it. The people who benefit from metadata are back in the TV station, so this system allows them to create metadata, email it to the cameraman for upload to the camera, and when the shoot is finished the proxy is pushed to the cloud, and can be viewed and edited. The EDL can be sent back to the camera, which will then FTP full res quality to the cloud,” he said. In future, they will also be able to stream live while recording so a piece can be edited and ready to go almost as soon as it is shot. Breaking news can even use the proxy for immediate use.

Both the €23,000 shoulder-mount AJ-PX5000 (available October) and handheld AJ-PX270 (available Spring 2014) will have this functionality, “so you can pick the camera that best suits the application”, he said.

They are also the first cameras with the AVC-Ultra codec built in rather than an optional upgrade. The EBU has recommended LonG 25 as full broadcast quality. “It’s the same quality as AVC-Intra 100.”

9.C45, 9.D40

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