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Panasonic details 3D Olympics

21 August 2012
Panasonic details 3D Olympics

Panasonic Corporation contributed to realising the 3D broadcast of the London 2012 Olympics based on partnership agreements with the Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS). OBS used 18 units of AG-3DP1 which Panasonic Corporation developed and manufactured to create more than 230 hours of programmes including the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, athletics, gymnastics, diving, canoeing, swimming, synchronised swimming, water polo, basketball, beach volleyball, boxing, equestrian, judo, cycling, wrestling and more. The AG-3DP1s, which are integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorders, were installed into OBS’ three OB vans and used in a multi-camera system. OBS’s six ENG crews also used the AG-3DP1s. “The mobility of AG-3DP1 was very good. It could shoot like a conventional 2D camera. I was impressed with its operability and image quality when using it in a multi-camera system,” said Manolo Romeo, managing director of OBS. The 3D programmes were carried by BBC (UK), CCTV (China), Sky Italia (Italy), Channel Nine (Australia), France TV (France), NBC (USA), Eurosport (France) and more


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