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Pace to add Wi-Fi to STBs

8 June 2010
Pace to add Wi-Fi to STBs

Pace has joined the Wi-Fi Alliance and announced that it will be incorporating Wi-Fi technology into selected upcoming set-top boxes, helping expand the set-top box’s footprint and enabling payTV operators to offer potentially increasingly innovative services.

Pace’s developments in wireless technologies, shortly to be incorporated into selected high-end set-top boxes (certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance), will allow consumers to share audio and video content. The boxes, capable of transferring content over the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio wave bands via a single high-speed connection gateway, will be compatible with the 802.11a, b, g and n transmission protocols.

“PayTV operators have been behind all the major innovations in the TV industry, and Pace has been responsible for creating much of the technology which enables their ever-more innovative services,” commented Darren Fawcett, Chief Technologist, Pace. “As we move towards a converged home entertainment environment, one of the biggest challenges is moving content around the home; Pace is at the forefront of developing a whole range of technologies which allow operators to offer these kinds of capabilities. Our membership of the Wi-Fi Alliance will aid us in exploiting wireless technology to develop future generations of products with increased flexibility in connecting and sharing media content.”

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