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Pace on Google TV: ‘content is still king’

10 September 2010
Pace on Google TV: ‘content is still king’

Conference: Google, along with Apple TV and players like Netflix, Panasonic and others believe they can capture eyeballs – either by way of YouTube-type programming, downloadable video content, or OTT widgets. Neil Gaydon, CEO at set-top box makers Pace, had some typically unequivocal comments at IBC for these broadband newcomers.

"We all love our internet service apps, but we want them to enhance our TV service, not get in the way of it,” said Gaydon. “Ultimately, there is no reason we can’t have those services on a TV – but the truth is that the killer TV App is better TV!"

From Pace’s perspective, anything that encourages more people to watch TV is a good thing, but Gaydon added: “Google TV hopes to offer access to additional entertainment and choice via its internet based search engine. Many TV-centric internet services, including Google TV and Apple TV, are endeavouring to offer people a way to access content via the internet than the usual satellite, cable or terrestrial paths.

“The real question is the content they can access; content is king and the very reason why people own a TV,” Gaydon pointed out. “Ultimately each one of these new ‘services’ will live and die by the content they make available, not the technology they use.”

Despite and apparent reservations, Gaydon said that the industry might well see hybrid set-top boxes and gateways with Google TV integrated as part of an operator’s service. “We are already looking at how services like Google TV could be integrated into the technology we build for our pay TV customers; early conversations are already underway.”

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