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PA selects TVT for
production workflow

31 March 2016
PA selects TVT for<BR />production workflow

The Press Association (PA) has installed TVT’s ContentSelect platform to improve its video service.

The cloud-based service is designed to manage all phases of the editorial cycle, ingesting and logging all incoming content into low resolution proxies for online editing.

Andrew Dowsett, COO of PA, said, “People expect fast access to video content in today’s 24-hour news cycle, which means that it’s more important than ever for PA to be able to streamline its workflows and create efficiencies in the delivery of its video output.

“TVT’s software-based approach allows us to make rapid updates to our service without having to install costly new infrastructure.

“The switch to ContentSelect has already had a major impact on how quickly we deliver content to our customers as we scale up to meet an increasingly diverse set of requirements.”

ContentSelect includes an editing tool and provides automatic driven metadata tagging of archived content.

Ian Brotherston (pictured), CEO of TVT said, “We designed ContentSelect not just for traditional broadcast content preparation and compliance but to help all types of video providers enhance their services with greatly improved workflow efficiencies.

“The complex media processes involved in today’s digital news reporting can sometimes be difficult to manage and we’re delighted that PA is using TVT’s expertise to streamline its video production workflow.

“With demand for video continuing to grow, the ability to scale capacity up and down based on the news cycle is becoming a vital attribute and we look forward to continuing to work closely with PA.”

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