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P+S Technik launching new ‘all-purpose’ digital camera

26 May 2011

Due to be unveiled at Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles next week, the 35Digital PS-Cam X35 has been conceived as a ‘robust and reliable workhorse’. Germany-based P+S TECHNIK will also host the first public screening of footage from the PS-Cam X35 in a demonstration of the product’s ‘dynamic versatility’.

Full specification has yet to be released, but in a brief description supplied to TVBE the PS-Cam X35 is said to ‘close the gap between analogue sync-sound cameras and top-end high speed cameras, which has accrued due to [digitisation]. On the analogue side there were analogue film cameras with speed rates up to 150 fps, known as robust and flexible. On the digital side high speed rates were only available when using highly specialised camera systems. Now the smart designs of the new PS-Cam X35 will combine the benefits of sync-sound and higher speed rates into one flexible and robust all-purpose digital camera.’

Existing accessories including batteries (AntonBauer/V-Lock), HDSDI recorder, lenses and lens accessories, as well as camera support, will be compatible with the new product.

To accompany the major new launch, the company has created a dedicated online home for the PS-Cam X35 that can be found here:

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