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P+S Technik Freestyle rig gets Magic Support

11 September 2011
P+S Technik Freestyle rig gets Magic Support

P+S Technik’s Freestyle Rig (pictured here with the company’s Head of Marketing, Anna Piffl) can now be fully integrated with broadcast live control and is shown with several new accessories at IBC, writes David Fox.

The new Magic Support allows the rig, plus Arri Alexa cameras, to be perfectly balanced on a crane or lambda head. It was developed for Astérix et Obélix: God Save Britannia (currently in production), which is using three of the rigs. It also works as an adjustable riser on tripods in the 90° position, so that rigs can be easily tilted down.

For live OBs, the rig can be integrated with Sony’s MPE-200 3D processor and HDFA-200 multiplexer, so that all the all rig-parameters, plus the initial calibration, can be handled with the MPE-200, using only a single fibre to carry every signal, including power, sync, video and genlock.

Also new is the PS-Freestyle Quarterwave Filter, which greatly reduces polarisation artefacts with almost no light loss, and also decreases flare and protects the beamsplitter mirror. The new Evolution upgrade for the rig allows it to be used with cameras weighing up to 9kg each (up from 6kg), with a max payload of 27kg (including lens, motors, etc.).


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