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P+S rigs make history

22 March 2010
P+S rigs make history

Two freestyle rigs and four standard rigs from P+S Technik were used during the very first live football 3DTV transmission in Germany in March.

Altogether six 3D stereo rigs from P+S Technik were used: four heavy duty standard rigs and two freestyle rigs mounted on Steadicams.

The new Freestyle Rig from P+S Technik opens the realms of camera movement for stereoscopy for the very first time. By using patented carbon-fibre technology, also used for Formula 1 race cars, the best combination of load capacity, weight, stability and form was achieved.

Andreas Dasser, managing director of P+S Technik stated: “As innovation leaders we are proud to have made possible the very first German football Live-3D-HD-Transmission with our 3D Stereo Rigs. Thereby, we prove the new Freestyle Rig’s excellent performance during live sports and live news productions to broadcast.”

Designed for constant equilibration, the rig always keeps camera weights in perfect balance when wirelessly adjusting the stereo base, particularly when mounted on a Steadicam system. Integrated motors for stereo base and convergence adjustment optimise weight and are compatible with available wireless remote control systems. With this the Freestyle Rig is not only ideal for digital stereoscopic 3D movie productions, but especially also for the production of stereoscopic 3D live images. A wide range of professional lenses and cameras up to a 7kg per camera set-up can be carried by the Freestyle Rig. A range of ergonomic mounting accessories prepare this rig also for shoulder, crane and dolly use.

After the final whistle, Franz Beckenbauer is reported to have said: “The pictures I have seen here today are fantastic. In my age I already have participated in many TV developments and I am sure that with 3D HD we are at the dawn of a new era in TV technology.”

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