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Oxygen DCT introduces OxTPG 1000 test signal generator

3 July 2012
Oxygen DCT introduces OxTPG 1000 test signal generator

Oxygen DCT has launched the OxTPG 1000, a powerful and feature-rich 3G-test signal generator that offers analysis tools in a highly portable, hand-held unit. The OxTPG 1000 offers the full range of high definition standards including 3G and HD/SDI up to 1080p resolution. Its portable nature makes it particularly well suited to those working in an outside broadcast environment with DSNG vehicles and flyaway units. Steve Hathaway, managing director of Oxygen DCT, said: “This ground-breaking unit is capable of generating all the signals broadcast and film engineers need, regardless of the format or standard they are working with. The OxTPG 1000 comes with a selection of moving test patterns to test links and monitor performance, and users can personalise the unit by loading their own test patters.” The OxTPG 1000 features a variety of output modes including SD/SDI, HD/SDI and 3G/SDI test signals. Audio is incorporated within the test signal output and users can also Genlock the unit to a master reference. Optional fibre optic links can be supplied with the OxTPG 1000 should these be required. An on-board battery can also power the unit.


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