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Over half of western Europe to go 4K

6 January 2016

A European consumer survey has revealed that 54 per cent of western European homes are planning to switch to 4K in the near future.

The survey, delivered by Parks Associates, examined 4K consumer adoption and preferences throughout western Europe.

The results suggest that over 50 per cent of households in the UK, Spain, Germany and France consider 4K a significant feature for their next television purchase. 54 per cent plan to purchase a 4K TV, provided that more content is available soon.

“European broadcasters like BBC and France Télévisions have been innovative in incorporating digital services to reach the public, so a spike in 4K set ownership could drive broadcasters to invest in new 4K media technologies,” said Glenn Hower, research analyst at Parks Associates. “The entry of Netflix, Amazon, and other major players has created a crowded OTT market in Europe, and 4K could become a differentiator that broadcasters and media companies can use to attract viewers and even paying subscribers. It is never too early to plan for the 2018 World Cup.”

Parks Associates’ Connected Consumer in Europe analyses key trends and growth areas for the western European region.

Further results showed that among broadband households, 59 per cent in the UK, 57 per cent in France, 53 per cent in Spain, and 49 per cent in Germany plan to purchase a 4K TV regardless of the current lack of 4K content availability.

“International content licensing is complex, and attracting paying customers for subscription OTT services is challenging throughout Europe,” Hower said. “Given that the EU OTT market is in a ‘Wild West’ phase in innovation and offerings, we will likely see some experimentation around 4K in 2016.”


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