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OTT captures 80 per cent of millennials

1 July 2016
OTT captures 80 per cent of millennials

Eighty per cent of millennials now subscribe to at least one OTT service, according to the latest Limelight Networks report.

‘State of Online Video’ also found that 39 per cent consume at least seven hours of online video per week.

The research is based on data collected from 1,086 consumers across the US, the UK and Canada.

Among non-millennials, 36.9 per cent said they watch just 1-2 hours of online video per week. For millennials, the 1-2 hour category represented just 15.9 per cent.

“The number of millennials watching 1-2 hours of online video per week has been steadily decreasing (26.2 per cent in May 2015 compared with 15.9 per cent in June 2016) while the number consuming more hours has steadily increased,” the report said.

Limelight also found that millennials were more likely subscribe to more than one OTT service, with 21.5 per cent paying for two and 11.9 per cent subscribing to three.

“Our research continues to show increasing adoption of OTT content, especially among younger consumers,” said Nigel Burmeister, vice president of global marketing at Limelight Networks.

“Consumers are demanding access to content when they want it, using the device of their choosing. Traditional providers and delivery models are increasingly at risk of being left behind as consumers become more savvy.”

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