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Osmosys helps Belgian penetration

6 September 2007

Osmosys’ end-to-end digital video recorder software has enabled Belgian’s INDI to supply more than 30% of its cable TV subscriber base with a high definition DVR offering since it initially launched the service in June 2007.

INDI is the digital TV platform of Belgian cable operators Integan, Interelectra, PBE and WVEM and reaches 800,000 households, one third of the Flemish TV market.

“This is another important milestone for INDI. HD DVR is the latest in a long line of exciting services that we provide to our subscribers and reliability and cost-efficiency were key factors for us upon deployment. This strong uptake of HD DVR is testament to Osmosys’ ability to deliver quality, reliable services,” said Peter Tribout, CTO, INDI. “Having previously deployed Osmosys solutions in the past, we were confident that they could provide the quality we needed to deliver HD DVR services to our subscribers. With the aggressive timeline we put in place for deployment, it was vital that our key solutions vendors had the knowledge and expertise in launching complex projects.”

The Osmosys DVR solution is a complete, standards-compliant version of the company’s MHP 1.1 middleware, adding DVB’s interactive DVR capabilities. Key features of the Osmosys DVR middleware include scheduling and activation of recordings, schedule conflicts management, hard disc usage monitoring, reminders management and interactive DVR application support. Additionally, the Osmosys DVR Navigator offers easily customisable and extendable DVR features and the possibility to completely alter the look and feel of the user interface. Key features include instant record, timeshift buffer management and trickplay from the channel banner on radio and TV channels; recording of video, audio, subtitles, alternative audio or alternative subtitles; channel banner extended EPG; assets list management; conflicts management; parental rating support and end-user configurable features.

“With our software solutions, operators such as INDI can provide the very latest in interactive viewing services to their subscribers,” said David McElhatten, managing director, Osmosys. “INDI is constantly seeking to improve its offering to its customers in what is already an extremely advanced cable TV system. We are pleased to have been able to help them achieve a 30% penetration already and we look forward to being part of the company’s future in the Belgian cable market.”

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