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ORF upgrades to XT3 for OB and studio

18 November 2011
ORF upgrades to XT3 for OB and studio

ORF is upgrading 13 EVS XT2 media servers to the latest XT3 series and introducing IPDirector content production management suites for live sports broadcasts and studio productions.

The Austrian national public service broadcaster will incorporate ten 8-channel XT3 production servers in its latest HD OB fleet. The new generation of servers will broaden ORF’s recording and live production capabilities with 3Gbps I/O channels and an increased internal bandwidth of up to 550Mbps per video channel.

The XT3 will be used for multicam ingest, slow motion action replays and instant creation of highlight packages. In addition, each OB van will be equipped with an IPDirector suite, which provides a single interface to all recorded material on all connected XT3 servers, for content production management, file transferring and streaming.

In an effort to optimize the production speed and efficiency of its in-house programmes, ORF will also upgrade each of its three new HD studio facilities with a 6-channel XT3 server and an IPDirector suite.

The EVS servers will record multiple feeds and allow operators to instantly browse, review, clip and transfer material to post-production using IPDirector as their central media management system.


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