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Orban unveils four new Optimods

27 March 2014
Orban unveils four new Optimods

Orban, specialising in audio processing for television, AM, FM, and internet broadcasting, will be introducing four new Optimods at this year’s show.

Introducing the Optimod-FM 5700, it provides stereo enhancement, equalisation, AGC, multiband compression, low-IM peak limiting, stereo encoding, and composite limiting.

Optimod-FM 5700 now offers the 8500 sound in a 1U package. The front-panel display includes a 2×40-character LCD and LED bar graphs that show metering functions of the processing structure (Two-Band or Five-Band) in use. Ethernet connectivity is standard, as is a PC remote control application that runs on Windows XP and higher and that can control many 5700 units on a TCP/IP network.

Also new at the show is the Optimod 1552 multi-stream audio processor and codec. Providing an integrated audio processing and network streaming solution in a 2-U rack chassis. It is claimed to be the first Orban processor for non-preemphasizsd audio channels that incorporates Orban’s MX peak limiter technology, first introduced in with Optimod-FM 8600.

The company will also present Version 2.7 of the free Orban Loudness Meter for Windows (Vista/7/8) and Mac (OS X 10.6 or greater) with two new features: support for up to 7.1-channel surround, and the ability to analyse files in several common formats off-line to measure their ITU-R BS.1770-3 Integrated Loudness and Loudness Range. This combination of new features allows any organisation to qualify files, whether stereo or surround, for compliance with the Calm Act and EBU R128.



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