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Orange to launch 3D channel on Dailymotion

15 August 2011
Orange to launch 3D channel on Dailymotion

From early 2012, French IPTV operator Orange plans to introduce a 3D channel on Dailymotion dedicated to user-generated stereoscopic content. It is also to engage Orange 3D subscribers in a multi-screen strategy on tablets and smartphones which will enable them to view 3D content seamlessly on different devices.

The initiative follows the recent acquisition of 49% of online video service Dailymotion, which is the leading competitor to YouTube in many European countries.
 “We could envisage the 2012 Olympics being viewed on mobile devices connected to our service,” said Ghislaine Le Rhun Gautier, head of Orange’s 3D project.
 Orange would look to negotiate 3D rights for events such as the Olympics with France Televisions and TF1 as it has done previously for UEFA Champions League 3D transmission.
 “A 3D Olympics will be the greatest opportunity for our customers to experience 3D,” declared Le Rhun Gautier. “The event could be the catalyst which truly kicks the market off for 3D.”
 A prize will be awarded to the best homemade 3D productions on the Dailymotion site: “We need to be cautious of the quality of the UGC,” she added.

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