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Orad PowerWall hosts Soirée for Canal+ Sports

21 September 2012
Orad PowerWall hosts Soirée for Canal+ Sports

Canal+, France’s leading sports broadcaster, has installed Orad PowerWall to create video wall graphics in up to 8k resolution for its new sports programme, Grande Soirée du Samedi.

The show, broadcast weekly, combines elements from popular Canal+ sports shows, Jour de Foot and Jour de Rugby, offering viewers highlights of the week’s most powerful sporting moments across France as well as major European leagues.

Using Orad PowerWall, content from the highlights is displayed on the Canal+ Studio video wall in HD. Luke Pannier, internal production manager for sports at Canal+, said: “We are very happy with Orad’s PowerWall solution as it takes its full dimension in Canal+ sports broadcasts.”

The user-friendly PowerWall combines live video with graphics, supporting video clips and integrates with newsroom and automation systems. At its heart is Orad’s new HDVG4 render platform. It offers full support for 3D DVE animations and manages 12 realtime 1080i HD SDI signals, facilitating dynamic effects for the multiplex video boxes. By running from a single box, all on-screen elements (tickers, videos, animated items, etc) remain synchronized across the whole of the video wall, with no tearing visible on any sections of the output.

For HD 1080p video walls, content is delivered in 8k resolution, ensuring broadcasters can scan and zoom in on the video without it becoming pixelated. For the Canal+ implementation, PowerWall integrates with the existing Orad 3DPlay system, linking content from Stat+, Canal+ Sport’s central database.

“Canal+ wanted the ability to alternate quickly between displaying few video boxes to many. PowerWall enables it to easily make that transition without relying on an additional operator,” said Avi Sharir, Orad’s CEO and President. – David Fox

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