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Orad ousts virtual rival at DR-Byen

7 November 2006

Orad has announced the successful implementation of its ProSet virtual studio solution within the studios of Danish public broadcaster DR. The virtual studio was installed at DR’s new DR-Byen facilities in Copenhagen.

The Orad system replaces a competing system, and is designed to support at the very least, a four-camera studio production in a state-of-the-art sound stage, to be used by DR for a multitude of programmes. The ProSet system is comprised of Orad’s latest rendering platform the HDVG, providing DR with 8 realtime rendering platforms which provide the backbone for the system.

The ProSet virtual studio will also allow DR to produce any type of programme ranging from children, current affairs or news. ProSet’s strength is in its run-down based controller, which allows the system operator to manage the entire operation from a simple user interface.

Furthermore, ProSet will allow DR to create programming that requires live updating of external data by using Orad’s 3Designer authoring software. DR’s graphics creation teams will be able to create 3D graphical elements within the programme that could be linked to SMS gateway applications, election databases, or any other content driven database that populate graphics with information. Using 3Designer and ProSet, all such data is updated automatically and displayed on air in 3D at a click of a button.

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