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Orad Morpho 4K videowall system

4 February 2014
Orad Morpho 4K videowall system

The new Orad Morpho 4K is a powerful, affordable realtime 4K videowall system that allows users to arrange its outputs in different aspect ratios and layouts according to the shape of the video wall. It is ideal for the large video walls that are widely used in the broadcast environment, and is claimed to be a cost-effective way to deliver compelling graphical content at very high resolutions.

The resolution can range from 3840×1080 in the 2×1 setup, to 3840×2160 in the 2×2 setup, and 7680×1080 in the 4×1 setup – all from a single Morpho 4K station, which is based on the proven Morpho 3D realtime graphics rendering, and the smart design tools and flexible playout capabilities of Orad’s HDVG+ platform
Unlike traditional videowall processors, Morpho 4K offers both realtime graphics and video capabilities from a single system. All on-screen elements (tickers, videos, animated items, etc), remain synchronised across the whole of the video wall, with no tearing visible on any sections of the output.

As all content is displayed in realtime, it is possible to make last minute changes to the content, or to send new data to the graphics in order to make updates on air.
Morpho 4K can accept up to four HD or four SD live video insertions, as well as video clips in most industry accepted formats, which can be mapped to different graphical elements on the videowall.

All of these video elements then become an integral part of the graphics and are not overlaid as ‘picture-in-picture’ objects, and with just two frames delay, they can be used for live link-ups.

Morpho 4K employs a page-based architecture that offers an easy and flexible way to create complex 3D looks. Each Morpho page becomes a separate item in a playlist that can be played back when in on-air mode.

Building a page is simply done by combining Morpho 4K objects and elements, live video inputs in HD or SD, video clips, Photoshop layers or 3D Collada files into a structured graphical template.

The user can drag and drop images and RSS feeds directly from an internet browser to the design window. Through easily understood positioning, rotating and scaling tools, these elements can be quickly laid out however the design requires. 3D charts are easily created as Morpho 4K contains bar charts, pie charts, line graphs and line area graphs as part of the primitives library, all with data inputs that can be connected to external data sources.

Morpho 4K offers a variety of ticker and crawl functionalities such as linking directly to social media and RSS feeds, a fully featured business crawl, and a static ticker object.

For animations, it allows each item in a page to have individually timed in and out effects, and a wide range of pre-defined effects and text effects can be further customised by the designer. There is also a timeline where artists can create all-new transition effects for a particular production.

Its playout controller allows users to assign each graphic item to an independent layer, allowing the playout of up to seven different graphic items simultaneously, so that a logo layer can be managed separately from an underlying ticker layer. It can also be integrated with various newsroom systems using the MOS protocol.

By David Fox

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