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Orad kit for Croatia and Belgium

12 October 2006

Leading European broadcasters RTL Croatia and RTL-TVI (Belgium) have purchased Orad’s ProSet virtual studio system and Xync infrared tracking technology in a US $600,000 deal.

ProSet was chosen by RTL for its SD/HD HDVG rendering platform which allows even the most complex virtual set to run in realtime, for its graphics, and its ability to switch effortlessly from set to set – providing significant financial savings for the broadcaster. RTL-TVI (Belgium), for example, will initially be using ProSet to produce five different news oriented shows that will be shot live to tape, enabling it to move quickly from one production to another, easily changing set designs and virtual screen positions.

The system also includes Orad’s Xync infrared tracking system which provides free camera movement within the studio. By supporting all types of studio cameras, the Xync system offers unmatched production flexibility.

Jeumont Vincent, head of systems and projects RTL-TVI (Belgium), commented: “After intense research, we selected Orad as the provider of our virtual studio solution to be installed in our new premises in Brussels. Orad is known for delivering robust and reliable virtual studio solutions, and the HDVG will provide us with smooth transition to more elaborate set designs, especially when we move to HD in the next few years. In addition, we are confident that the accurate Xync full 3D tracking system will allow us to have total freedom with our camera movements.”

For RTL Croatia, Technical Director Dusko Zimonja added: “We are using Orad’s ProSet virtual studio, along with three separate HDVGs, for the production of several types of programmes, including news and entertainment. We found that only ProSet was able to give us free camera movement, seamless integration between our virtual sets and on-air graphics, and be a powerful authoring tool, while at the same time easy to use, thanks to its intuitive user interface.”

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