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Orad coming next to FTV channel branding

22 September 2011
Orad coming next to FTV channel branding

French public broadcaster, France Télévisions (FTV), is to move its entire channel branding onto Orad’s platforms running its content creation application, 3Designer.

The switch will enable FTV to centralize all of its branding graphics, to increase productivity and decrease costs.

For the last three years France Télévisions, which covers national, regional and overseas transmissions, has used Orad’s channel branding systems for France 3’s coming up next spots. This worked so well that FTV will use the system for coming up nexts and auto promos for all its other channels.

Orad’s rendering platforms, controlled by MBT automation, will provide FTV’s four Premium and four Thema Channels with a powerful video graphics engine in a compact size.

Sony Broadcast Professional Services, is managing the entire project, which will be deployed within the next 18-24 months.


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