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Onsight buys fourth SGO Mistika for DI and S3D

5 September 2011
Onsight buys fourth SGO Mistika for DI and S3D

London’s Onsight has bought a fourth Mistika 4K post production system thanks to increasing demand from DI and Stereo 3D projects, writes David Fox.

“Mistika continues to help us meet increasing and complex requirements that DI and Stereo 3D productions involve, with stunning creative results," explained Onsight CEO, Simon Craddock. "Mistika’s impressive toolset also makes it the most desirable and interactive solution in the industry and it is very exciting to be utilising the most advanced technology available."

“Having another Mistika on board, further enhances our capacity to deliver time-sensitive and high quality material. The Mistika platform gives us incredible flexibility, and the ability to offer efficient workflows to our clients," added Onsight’s COO, Andrew Shelley.

“It is imperative that our projects are managed as efficiently as possible in post, and Mistika plays a vital role in this process," said Craddock. Onsight now offers clients a suite of SGO products, including the four Mistika systems operating on shared storage, the Mistika on-set production tool and an SGO SAN.

SGO Mistika was used at Onsight on the award winning Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough. The system was used for both 2D and stereo 3D post production, as well as the creation of TV, theatrical and IMAX deliverables. Due to the scale of this production, Onsight networked two Mistika systems together, to improve efficiency, so the online workload could be shared in real time. For its work on the project, Onsight was nominated for an IBC2011 Innovation Award with SGO Mistika as Technology Partner. 

Onsight has also provided production and post production services to a variety of other projects recently, including True Blood – Peter Gabriel Live in London (3D) for Eagle Rock, The Bachelor King 3D for Atlantic Productions and A Day in the Life of an Audi Driver for Passion Pictures (pictured).

Photo: Passion Pictures/BBH


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