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One More Production for Baselight

16 December 2010
One More Production for Baselight

Paris-based visual effects studio, One More Production, has invested in a Baselight colour grading system from FilmLight.

“Baselight has a prestigious reputation in Paris,” explained Benjamin Darras, executive producer of One More Production. “As a relatively new company, we’re always looking for the best tools in the market. Having a Baselight demonstrates that we’re very much a quality-driven business.”
The new Baselight, which will be in use from mid-December, has already been lined up for a variety of projects – its first test will be to grade a film for national TV channel, France 2. “It’s key for us to be as flexible as possible so we can accommodate all workflows,” Darras commented. “In that sense Baselight has vastly exceeded our expectations. Not only is it beautifully simple to use, but it’s also suitable for all formats and works seamlessly with Final Cut Pro.”
Following the initial work with France 2, the studio expects to use Baselight to service its music promos and commercials clients. “Having a Baselight on board will be great for our reputation both as a company and a studio. It’s given our customers a new level of freedom as we’re in a better position to be able to cater for their needs,” said Darras. “Baselight is a premium product and has the unique ability to help clients distinguish one VFX house from another. Clients know they’re getting a quality service if a facility has a Baselight.”

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