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On Sight purchases second Mistika

7 February 2011
On Sight purchases second Mistika

London-based On Sight, has invested in an additional SGO Mistika, with 64TB SAN, and upgraded both of its SGO systems to 4K playback.

Simon Craddock, CEO of On Sight, stated: “On Sight is delighted to have invested further in Mistika and the groundbreaking technology it brings to our stereo 3D operation. With Axis Films, On Sight’s camera rental division, expanding its stereo 3D operation recently, the additional Mistika will allow us to provide the best stereo 3D workflow solution in the UK.”

"The close relationship between our two companies means that we will continue to meet the evolving needs of stereo 3D throughout the entire production process and maintain Mistika’s position as the best system in the market,” added Geoff Mills, Director of SGO Global Sales & Operations.

On Sight has recently worked on an impressive number of high profile stereo 3D projects using Mistika for music, commercial and feature clients, which includes a breath-taking factual 3D and CGI documentary titled Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough for Sky’s 3D Channel produced by Atlantic Productions and a stunning project for The Prince’s Trust Rock Gala in 3D produced by Nineteen Fifteen/3DD Productions featuring Eric Clapton, Tom Jones and many other music legends.

Image: The Prince’s Trust Rock Gala in 3D, Courtesy of The Prince’s Trust

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