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On-set playback automated by DNF Controls

11 January 2012
On-set playback automated by DNF Controls

DNF Controls has introduced a new application based on its Flex Control Network, the modular platform of IP machine controllers. The application provides control for on-set displays, allowing complex and sophisticated events to be planned in advance and triggered from a single key press.

It means that video walls and other in-vision screens can be made dynamic without the need for additional staff in the gallery at the time of production. Transitions can be initiated by the director or vision mixer or, ultimately, from a production automation system.
 The control application can manage up to 24 different devices simultaneously. Where needed, operators have random access to all the available content.
 “The advent of HD and flat panel displays has brought more images to the set, adding another layer of complexity to the playout,” said Dan Fogel, CTO of DNF Controls. “This application is targeted at efficient workflow and relieving the technical burden so that quality remains consistently high without the expense of extra personnel. Now a single operator can control everything the audience will see in realtime, without imposing impossible to synchronise button pushes.”
 The on-set control application is based on a specific combination of modules from the DNF Flex Control Network. In use it comprises a VTR-style control panel with up to six device controllers. 

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