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Omnitek highlights five

11 September 2012
Omnitek highlights five

Video test & measurement equipment manufacturer and video application design consultancy OmniTek is emphasising five key topics at its IBC stand.

First, it is highlighting its new camera-alignment facilities provided by the latest version of OTM and OTR waveform analysis and signal generation systems. A set of meters plus some ‘chroma sabres’, all updated in real time, allow users to match a camera’s setup to a reference camera or match the characteristics of the ‘left’ and ‘right’ cameras used to capture scenes in 3D.

Second, it is previewing picture quality and audio quality analysis facilities that will be added to these systems towards the end of the year. The new Picture Quality facilities are similar to those offered by the OmniTek PQA system and offer an upgrade path to existing users, with some additional benefits such as support for 3G video formats and a novel metering display. The audio quality measurement uses the PEAQ model and conforms to ITU-R BS.1387.

Third, Omnitek is previewing ‘In-Service’ Audio/Video Delay measurement, which is also scheduled for release towards the end of the year. OmniTek’s R&D team have developed a method of calculating the various delay factors using the signal being transmitted, rather than a dedicated test sequence. Loop Delay measurement is also being added alongside In-Service Audio/Video Delay measurement.

OmniTek is also highlighting its new OZ745 video application development platform, which is based around Xilinx’s new, all-programmable ZynqTM-7045 SoC; and enhancements to the company’s range of IP for both Xilinx and Altera FPGAs.

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