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OmniTek checks Astra picture quality

15 March 2007

APS Astra Platform Services(APS), which broadcasts more than 10% of all digital programmes received via SES Astra-satellites in Europe, has chosen to use the OmniTek PQA picture quality analyser system to measure the consistency of signal quality for its HD and SD encoders at its research production facility in Munich.

“We chose the OmniTek PQA because is the only solution available to handle both the testing of signal generation and objective picture analysis for SD and HDTV in one unit,” confirmed Roger Gre_er, senior manager DVB Integration at APS. “This means we are able to use a single system to guarantee the quality of our signals to encoders, decoders and set-top boxes, for example, and ultimately improve the standard of the delivery of our services.”

The OmniTek PQA is a full-reference picture quality analyser that performs detailed analysis of images in all SD and HDTV formats, to establish the exact level of image degradation through a processing path. It has been designed for use in a variety of different engineering environments in addition to production line test.

Research laboratories all over the world are using the PQA for development of new algorithms and techniques for image compression, and broadcasters are using the system to get real-time analysis of the total image degradation through a transmission path, studio output to consumer set-top box.

“Measuring picture degradation, in order to ensure minimum standards while at the same time maximising data throughput on the network is a key consideration for broadcasters,” said Roger Fawcett, business director at OmniTek. “The PQA provides an objective method to test this and as a result has already been adopted by many broadcasters and equipment manufacturers around the world including APS as the signal quality analyser of choice.”

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