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OMNIMAGO will use Media Shuttle for large file transfer

18 September 2013
OMNIMAGO will use Media Shuttle for large file transfer

Signiant, provider of file movement software for media and entertainment, will supply German company OMNIMAGO with its Media Shuttle hybrid SaaS file transfer solution. OMNIMAGO will employ Media Shuttle in the transfer of full TV series and feature films to its global customer base.

Built for operations that require secure delivery of massive files –sometimes several terabytes – Media Shuttle will allow OMNIMAGO to replace some of its solutions that are ineffective for high-speed transfers and have limits on files sizes, with the additional aim of saving money and time.

High-speed transfers of large files are a mainstay of OMNIMAGO’s business. The company is a full service provider of post production, 4K processing, and film, video and audio restoration. The company required a solution that gave them the ability to brand and customise portals and provide their customers with access to large files without the administrative constraints of FTP.

“Media Shuttle provides us with the ability to transfer large files quickly – in fact, 20 times faster than in the past – using the same bandwidth connection, all with advanced and reliable delivery logging,” said Thomas Thoben, technical manager of OMNIMAGO (pictured). “Our operators are now capable of sending and receiving materials themselves; and the ability to log all transfers is very relevant. The aggregated logging information is useful in resource planning for future projects.”

Media Shuttle routinely manages multiple projects with companies in diverse locations. The Media Shuttle solution can be scaled up or down according to workload and offers individually branded portals for ease of client use.

“Media Shuttle’s subscription-based model is ideal for our production projects as we are able to scale our transfer portal as needed,” added Thoben. “That offering aligns with our project-oriented business model, and our branded file sharing portal makes the user experience our own.”

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