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Omnimago boosts restoration workflow with Snell Archangel

19 January 2012
Omnimago boosts restoration workflow with Snell Archangel

A prominent name in film restoration, Germany-based Omnimago has added an Archangel Ph.C – HD real-time video restoration system to its inventory of post-production tools.

The Snell system will provide Omnimago with efficient real-time processing – critical to the company’s day-to-day business.

“With our recent installation of a Scanity film scanner, we’ve realised a much faster workflow that makes Snell’s Archangel a must for our operations,” said Peter Fries, managing director at Omnimago. “Our equipment is the foundation of all our work, and we take great pride in using tools that best allow us to meet our clients’ needs. Like other Snell solutions in our arsenal, the Archangel Ph.C – HD offers unique functionality that drives our business forward while ensuring the high-quality results that set our work apart.”

Omnimago will use Archangel Ph.C – HD to address issues such as noise, instability, scratches, dust, flicker, grain and other defects, performing the extensive restoration often required to preserve assets and bring them up to current expectations of visual quality.

“Archangel Ph.C – HD unlocks the value of existing assets and ensures that SD and HD content can be repurposed or distributed in superb quality,” explained Paola Hobson, senior product manager at Snell. “The system promises considerable improvements to Omnimago’s daily operations by maximising the amount of restoration that can be completed in real-time, and by facilitating this processing at a lower cost than is demanded by frame-by-frame restoration.”

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