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Omneon snaps up Castify

24 December 2007

Omneon has acquired Castify Networks, a provider of software-based solutions for managing the distribution of digital content over the internet and private intranets.

According to an Omneon announcement, Castify’s end-to-end software solutions enable enterprises and service providers to build scalable, easy-to-manage, and cost-efficient service delivery platforms for content distribution over public and private networks. Castify’s EBN and CBN products, built on SOA principles, allow companies to virtualise services across globally distributed locations, enabling fast service access, high performance, and high availability. Castify’s modular product suite forms the foundation of a digital content delivery platform to distribute, monitor, and manage media assets from any location.

“As our customers move to file-based workflows, our strategy is to provide the digital content infrastructure they need to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their assets,” said Joe Kennedy, president and CEO of Omneon. “Castify’s full-featured distribution management infrastructure combined with our digital content storage systems will provide our customers with an integrated solution for managing media across their networks, however large and extended they might be.”

“Our two companies have already demonstrated the ability to work closely together with great results,” said J_rg Nonnenmacher, CEO of Castify Networks. “At NAB2007 we announced our support of the Omneon MediaGrid active storage system and Spectrum media server platform. Now we will have the opportunity to capitalise on the synergy with even more tightly integrated solutions, which ultimately will provide greater value to all of our customers.”

As broadcasters and other media companies adopt file-based workflows, there is a growing need to be able to manage and distribute their content throughout their own internal networks and over the internet to growing numbers of business partners. Castify’s distribution infrastructure combined with Omneon digital content storage systems will provide customers with an integrated solution for managing media across their extended networks.

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